About Mandeep Ghumman, DVM

Mandeep Ghumman is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and the President of HealthyPets, Inc., a leading supplier of animal care products. In addition to overseeing HealthyPets and functioning as an expert consultant at the company, Mandeep Ghumman also dedicates his time, energy, and resources to numerous causes that benefit both human beings and animals. Mandeep Ghumman supports several civic organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, where HealthyPets is based. Among Mandeep Ghumman’s community service pursuits, the assistance he lends to Drigon Dog Park in Union City demonstrates his devotion to improving the lives of local pets and their owners. The park, which serves as a social hub for the city’s animal lovers, offers a host of special features such as fake fire hydrants, a walkway designed to resemble a dog bone, tunnels, climbing platforms, jumps, doggie watering stations, and scooper dispensers. Mandeep Ghumman also makes active contributions to Union City’s Police and Fire Departments, as well as the town’s SWAT team.

Mandeep Ghumman is involved with a number of national and international organizations as well. Through HealthyPets, Inc., Mandeep Ghumman supports the Search Dog Foundation (SDF), recently garnering media attention for his efforts. In partnership with the Search Dog Foundation, Mandeep Ghumman works toward the admirable goal of training rescue dogs for disaster relief workers in the United States and abroad. As an animal lover, Mandeep Ghumman derives satisfaction from knowing that his efforts ensure a lifetime of care for canines that formerly had no home. Moreover, Mandeep Ghumman and other friends of the Search Dog Foundation play a role in saving human lives around the world. Recently, SDF sent a team of first responders and their canine partners to Haiti, following the tragic earthquake. Mandeep Ghumman also contributes to the Silicon Valley Special Olympics, the Red Cross, and The Smile Train.


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